Why blog about the Camino

I am blogging about the Camino for a few reasons. One, I have started many blogs only to delete them after I had written a good mount of content. It's hard to believe I have something interesting to blog about so after a while, I usually quit and hit the delete button. Two, my fear of writing and publishing online is getting diminished. Two friends and I now have weekly meetings where we have writing exercises. We use pen and paper and write for 15 minutes - no editing is done and no judgment is passed. We write what comes to mind based on a chosen theme, and then we read to each other. It's been fun and kind of freeing. Third, John, my husband, encouraged me to make a blog. He said it's a nice way of recording this journey. To my surprise he even shared the link with his siblings. I don't have words to explain how motivating and loving John is. Lastly, I joined the online forum caminodesantiogo.es. The forum has an amazing wealth of information on everything about the Camino. Many active members keep blogs about the Camino and their travels. I perused many of them during my online research and they helped me in different ways. I hope my blog helps someone in some small way. Maybe he/she will see a photo and get inspired to visit that town, or maybe they'll get help on a place to stay for the night. I don't really know and it doesn't matter. Even if no one reads it, this blog will help me get the over fear of writing, have the discipline and commitment to write each day, and help record various moments of my Camino. It will be therapeutical as I write it, and a source of nostalgia when I revisit it in the feature.


  1. Rachel, Susan and SallyApril 9, 2015 at 7:17 AM

    Hi Aunt Aida,

    Looks like you're having a bunch of fun. We're on tornado watch with torrential down pour, hail, and severe lightning storms. Geneva is such a quaint little town with a bunch of small little boutiques. When you get a chance send us some pictures!


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