Which way?

There are so many ways to Santiago nowadays, that it may seem hard to chose. But in my case, the Portuguese Camino spoke to me in ways no other did. Most likely because of my dad's stories about his travels in the area, but also because of my affinity for Portugal. I loved my first visit to Lisbon in 2007. Walking on those cobblestones, breeze on my face, with beautiful blue skies was a feeling I never forgot. Lisbon may be one of my favorite cities in the entire world. It doesn't even matter that I haven't seen all cities in the world, it matters the way Lisbon made me feel when I was there. Lisbon reminds me of my hometown of Salvador in the northern state of Bahia in Brazil. It explains, in subtle ways why Salvador was built the way it was. Portugal, Lisbon and its people all seem very familiar to me. Being there makes me feel home. Although I will not start my walk in Lisbon, I am flying into Lisbon and spending a couple of days there.


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