Six Ways to Santiago

Synchronicity? After booking my trip to Lisbon, I started researching the Camino online. That's when I found out about this new documentary on the Camino. The documentary follows six pilgrims on the French Camino and documents their stories on the way to Santiago de Compostela. It's not on mainstream but it's had screenings in different cities around the world. But as a sign (I took it as one anyways) just about a week before my departure, there was a screening at the Santa Clara University Jesuit School in Berkeley, just a few miles from our house. I took John to the screening with me. As we walked into the room, the first face we saw was Viven's - the nice lady that had helped me purchased my backpack at REI. She was there with her husband Phil! At the end of the screening we met Annie, one of the pilgrims in the movie, and also one of the producers. She talked about her transformative experience walking the Camino Frances and asked the room who had plans to walk to Santiago. I told her of my departure on the 5th. She had me stand, asked the entire room to join her and offered me a blessing. It was a little awkward to be put on the spot but mighty nice of her and the whole room to pray for my Camino.


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