Day 3: Redondela - Pontevedra

Walking with my pack wasn't so difficult now that it seems my body has adjusted to having the extra weigh and the backpack has been sitting at my hipbones. My shoes are not so comfortable though. With every step I keep thinking I need to return them to REI. They do have a one year return policy after all and at over $100, it's worth at least thinking about returning them. I really can't see can not see myself wearing these shoes ever again once I return to the U.S. After leaving Rosa's, I kept walking with the Brazilians, Sr. João and his daughter Giovana. Nice people and walking with them kept me on a fast track. Since I came to Spain with no hotel reservations, I stayed at the same hotel they did in Pontevedra. Later in the evening we took a walk around the city and stopped at a bar to try some Galician pulpo and Albariño wine. The wine was really good and the company even better. We start early tomorrow to avoid the forecasted rain on the way to Calda de Reis.


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