Day 7: Pilgrim's Office

Time to get the Compostela. I lucked out because there were no lines at all when I arrived at the Pilgrim's office.  First one in! I was a bit out of it. Tired I guess. I heard the guy stamping my credential and asking me for my passport. I told him the correct spelling of my Dad’s name since it's misspelled in my passport. He handed me the certificate with my first name in Latin. Done. Walking outside, I met two nice ladies who were the 'Friends of the Camino'. They offered me a cup of tea and took me upstairs to tell me about the work they are doing.  They were offering a nice friendly place for pilgrims to unwind after arriving. Turned out they were nuns and we had a nice chat. Then, one of them went downstairs and grabbed two more people. We all chatted and it was nice hearing completely different experiences from mine. Weird?? You betcha!! But a nice welcome break with a nice cup of tea. They offered me to stay at a convent for €20 a night. The convent was a lovely place, with lovely nuns running it. This, they told me, was a deal they had for running the pilgrim's program at the office. It was a really nice place but I had to leave the next day. My room was a rooftop with door to the outside where you could see city below. It was beautiful but the room was way too cold for me. I am glad I tried though. They even had Wi-Fi!! Everything was spanking clean but no lock on the door which was a bit odd. Whatever, I was so tired I didn't even care. And on the plus side all the nuns were extremely nice to me.


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