Day 7: Ames - Santiago de Compostela

I am sitting at this beautiful dinning room right by the window looking at the grey sky outside. The hostal owner has made me a beautiful breakfast with coffee, tea, orange juice, breads, cakes, cold cuts and marmalades. I am a total sucker for cakes so she might regret having placed a whole cake by my side. Last night, I ventured again up the hill through some cold rain to have a glass of Mencia at the local and only bar. The bar lady had seen me in the afternoon, when I walked in asking for some hot tea to go with the paracetamol I bought at the pharmacy. She poured the wine and I asked for a bocadillo. She walked out and I heard the machine slicing the chorizo on the back. She comes back with four bocadillos and says four makes one!! I ate a couple and I ran back home right before the sky was completely dark, having a mini heart attack every time a large dog came, running and barking, to the gates I was passing by. This house is beautiful but so cold. I am here contemplating the weather and thinking about the walk ahead of me. It's only 9km but it will probably take me four hours to get there. I hope the paracetamol kicks in and I forget about my left foot. Next time I write, it will be from Santiago de Compostela.


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