Day 6: Padron - Ames

I left pretty late this morning. I wasn't too concerned about walking later in the day. The weather has changed so much and it is now much cooler. I didn't manage to miss the rain this time but it tuned out to be very enjoyable walking on the rain today. My left foot still bothers me a lot and I can feel the blisters on my hills at all times. The cotton socks I bought in Calda dos Reis don't seem to be too much of a problem. Although I could feel my feet getting sweaty along the way so I stopped few times to add more Vaseline. No problem there - better be safe than sorry.

I knew I wasn't going to make to Santiago today and I'm okay with the extra day. I walked slowly and enjoyed every single minute of my walk. There were a lot of hikes though some beautiful landscape. Also, a lot of rain at some points but it was very quiet and peaceful. I found many encouraging signs along the route and even met the two German ladies again along the way. We agreed to meet in Santiago and it was good feeling. I know I'll see them when I get there.


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