Day 5: Calda de Reis - Padron

Today I walked by myself. This was a very long rainy day. The rain didn't bother me as much as the pain on my left foot. I actually enjoyed the rain very much. It made for a nice cool walk with a much different feel from previous days. It was also a bit darker and somber. I am not sure the insoles I bought last night were helping or making it worse. The pain was so much I couldn't tell the difference. I walked slowly through all 22km but took few breaks because there weren't a lot of sheltered places to stop. 
I saw again the group of students that I keep seeing all week. Their guide cheered me up as I walked by them and told me I was about 7km from Padron. Nice of him to say but it made me cringe because there was still so much ground to cover with all the pain. The kids caught up to me after their break and I walked a little faster to hear them singing and watch them playing. They were having a lot of fun and it was a nice distraction to have. I kept marching on and made to Padron around 6pm – yes, I walked very, very slowly for most of the day. The tendons on feet and knee that are in bad shape at this point. I had no hotel reservations and wasn't really sure where to go. I stopped at a church but it was cold and moldy so I left after a minute there. As I leave the church, head up looking for street signs, a man calls me into a place called Don Pepe. He seemed really nice so I walked into his establishment. This was a small cafe or bar - couldn't really tell. The walls were covered in pilgrim’s souvenirs from all over the world. He took my picture and had me sign the Brazilian flag that was hanging on the wall. Cheered me up, and send me back on my Camino. Nice man with a really nice smile on his face. I ended up staying in a small hotel with a restaurant by the same name. Apparently the chef is pretty well acclaimed. I had the pilgrim’s menu, which was delicious and inexpensive. My body is completely sore and I have another long day tomorrow.


  1. Hang in there, Aida. You're doing awesome. Pain is part of the Camiño. Don't let it keep you from seeing the beauty of it all. It is so amazing all these interactions you're experiencing along the way.

  2. Thanks a lot Taci!!! The pain sucks but I am enjoying my slow walk. So much beauty and so muck kindness!! I am taking a break in Ames... should be in Santiago soon :-)


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