Day 7: Arriving in Santiago de Compostela

With only 9 miles to go you'd think it was a breeze getting here. Not!!! I walked slowly, as slow as it gets, just like a turtle!! Yes! I made it. I took my time and I got here. First impression coming from the Portuguese Way!? Goddam Spanish people sure like some hills. Steep, steep climbs on asphalt really sucks!! Don't they know that?? It hurts – A lot!!! Only those who done it for miles know it. But then again I walked right by a hospital, you know, in case you can't walk anymore and need to be taken in. After that, I started a descent through the new town - not so attractive, to be honest. It was way too modern for someone expecting an old charming European town. But then I spotted the Cathedral - ha, the Cathedral!!! And somehow after walking 100+km without a map, only following the yellow arrows, I lost the Camino. Seriously!! How lame is that!?? I walked all the way here without a problem, finding arrows on tree branches, faded asphalt, made up signs, trash cans, etc, etc, etc, only to loose the Camino a few meters away from the Cathedral?! Of course, eventually, I found it again! Only it lead to the side of the Cathedral and not to Praza de Obradoiro. Keep walking!!! Don't stop now. Pay no attention to your screaming feet. And finally, there it was. I made to the front of the cathedral.  I stared at it for so long that I almost forgot that I needed to keep going to the Pilgrim's office to show my credential and get my Compostela. But before leaving, I needed a photo and I am not a selfie kind of girl. So?? Let's see who needs photos! Sure enough, a couple of people did and of course they were more than willing to take a photo of me in front of the Cathedral. Nice!! I am here. I am here. Yep. I am here!!


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