Booking Return Ticket

This is how this trip started. I first booked my return ticket and then, the next day, I booked my flight to Lisbon. Why? Well, at $225 including taxes for the return ticket, it was an easy sell. I was searching for flights on, creating many scenarios, searching different dates and destinations, till I came across a flight on Norwegian Airlines. The flight departs Malaga and arrives in Oakland making it convenient in terms of ground transportation getting back home. There are, however, two catches with this route. One is that after arriving in Santiago de Compostela, in the northern part of Spain, I have to make my way back down to Malaga in the southern part of Spain. Two, from Malaga the flight goes north onto Oslo and then south again to Oakland. So, even though I saved lots of money, I need to travel up and down a couple of times before getting home. No big deal. I think it's worth it and it’s all part of the fun.

Return trip on Norwegian Airlines (Malaga - Oslo - Oakland) = $225.

This cheap ticket more than payed off because I decided to change my return date home and change fee was very reasonable. I believe it cost me $125 to change the date [notetoself - check on this ASAP]


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