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Day 9: Albariño Wine

Albariño wine is a good companion to saying good-bye to Santiago. I am now sitting at the Cafe Literarios sipping some good wine and writing this post. There's a father to my right doing homework with his two very well behaved children - doing justice to the Cafe's name. It's been two nights since my arrival and even with all the pain I have not been able to stop walking around this city. This is a truly international town with most visitors arriving on foot. How unique is that?? Regardless of the spoken language, it's really nice to see pilgrims arriving. Some cry, some don't. But they all have that familiar expression of relief and amazement upon arriving in Santiago. That feeling that the mission is accomplished and that now they can relax and enjoy the moment of arrival. It's been an amazing experience and one that I would love to do again. Camino Frances, anyone? Well, I am not sure which way I'll be coming back but I know I will. John, this is a call…

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